Which plants live all year round?

Who says you can’t enjoy your garden or patio in the summer? Luckily for all plant lovers, there are many beautiful ones every month. It’s true that if the winter is cold or the summer is very warm, for example, the most delicate ones can be a little more difficult, but if the species are chosen correctly, the climate shouldn’t bother you too much.

Trees, shrubs, palms, flowers … there is a great variety of plants for all seasons. And that, on top of some basic tips, they will stand out for their beauty not just one season, but several more

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This is a genus of palm trees native to Australia which, although they can reach heights of up to 30 metres, have thin trunks (about 30 cm thick) and can be successfully grown in small gardens. There are different species, but the best known ones are easy to find:

– Arctophenix alexandra: grows to a height of 20-25 metres. The leaves are green on the top side and whitish on the bottom. Withstands to -3ºC.

– Archontophenix canningamiana: grows to 20-25 metres. It has green leaves on both sides. Withstands to -4ºC.

– Archontophenix maximus is the largest of the genus, reaching 30 metres. Leaves are green on both sides, but a new leaf can sometimes take on a pale coppery colour. Withstands to -3, maybe -4ºC.

They are all palms that need protection from the sun and frequent watering. They grow all year round, but I have to tell you that you may notice that they grow a little faster in spring and summer. I have an A. maxima in Mallorca (Spain) it grows well even in autumn, but yes, the temperature here is moderate and the frost is only down to -2ºC.


The carnation is a perennial or viviparous plant which barely exceeds 50 centimetres in height. Its flowers bloom from early spring to late summer and come in all kinds of colours: white, pink, red, purple or even bicolours such as purple and white.

It appreciates sun exposure when it can grow and develop normally and receives 2-3 waterings per week, less often in winter. It is tolerant of frost down to -6ºC.

Red dogwood

This is a deciduous shrub with a height of around 4 metres which I’m sure will bring you lots of joy. It gives off white flowers in spring, but will also cheer you up in winter as the splendid colouring of its branches reveals itself at this time of year, especially if it is a Midwinter Fire variety.

In order for it to be successful, it needs acidic soil or substrate and irrigation water, as it cannot tolerate limestone or very hard water. Otherwise, with preventive pruning and in a sun-protected location, it will be ideal. It tolerates cold and frosts down to -18ºC well.


Lavender is a perennial shrub that grows to a height of between 40cm and one metre. Throughout most of the year it produces beautiful lavender, lilac, blue or purple flowers depending on the species.

This plant needs to be kept in the sun and watered occasionally. It resists drought well; in fact, if it is grown in soil and if it receives at least 300 litres per square metre per year, it will only need watering for the first few months. In addition, it also supports frosts down to -7ºC.

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