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” I would just like to convey my and Diana and John’s thanks to Fraser, Bethany, Bronwyn and the wider team for an absolutely fantastic job on Saturday for the wedding.  Their professionalism, enthusiasm, humour and all round support to us all both before and on the day was outstanding. The number of folk who came up to me to say this was the best wedding they had ever attended and commented on the attentive staff as above pays testament to the service they delivered.
Absolutely first class and five star all round – well done. ” – Sara
Firstly can I say if we were at all crazy to deal with I apologise. The week before a wedding Truly is a crazy time. You helped make our day so special. The room looked amazing. We have wanted to have this day for such a long time, and it was exactly as we hoped it would be. All of our guests commented on how fabulous everything was, from all the staff to the room set up to the venue as a whole. Also please pass on to the chef that the food was incredible. It has been a pleasure to use the botanics and we will cherish the memories forever. You are such a professional, and it is clearly obvious you care about what you do.
Many thanks – Jo and Karen 

“I can’t believe that’s been a week since my perfect wedding! I just wanted to  say a huge thank you to Sara for all the help and guidance you gave me in the lead up to the day. You were super responsive, very customer focussed and I can’t thank you enough for coming in to make sure my son was there to meet me to walk me down the aisle! You definitely went way above and beyond our expectations.

I am not sure if this is something that you do at the Botanics but I would be delighted to speak to any future brides about our day and share me my experiences as everything was just perfect. I have often wondered why as well as suppliers companies don’t have actual previous brides at wedding fayers!” – Steph

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