Planning a wedding can be stressful, not least because of the amount of choices presented to couples, from the colour scheme and dress to the food, drinks and those little touches. However, the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) has its own wedding event design team to ensure help is on hand to navigate through the options and create the perfect day. Following extensive research, wedding experts at the Botanics, Sarah Proudfoot and Nicholas Cross have compiled their guide to the ultimate wedding trends for 2020.

The top 10 trends predicted by Sarah and Nicholas are as follows:

  1. Personalisation

The biggest wedding trend in 2020 is personalisation. Nick says; “The wedding industry is evolving. Couples no longer want to be pigeon-holed as ‘traditional’ and they want flexibility. Wedding dress designers, florists, even ring makers are now offering a world of choice to cater to this trend. Couples are looking for venues that allow personal touches and caterers who provide bespoke menus and as a result, you will find more couples creating their own signature cocktails, as well as personalised canapes and dessert tables.”

  1. Ethical and environmental impact

The environment is on everyone’s mind at the moment and more and more brides and grooms are searching for ways to make their wedding more sustainable. Sarah says; “There are a number of ways to reduce the impact of your day, from using recycled paper for the invites to growing your own flowers. For favours, a donation to charity is popular too. As for the food, use a caterer who sources from ethical and local producers. Our menus make use of the variety of produce available on our doorstep including goods from our own Kitchen Garden and seafood from the Scottish coast. We are also often asked to create vegan menus and thankfully we are able create bespoke menus featuring the abundant natural larder available on our doorstep to meet these requests.”

  1. Zen dos

“Don’t panic, the hen do isn’t going anywhere,” says Nick. “It is evolving. Instead of the wild nights on the town, the 2020 bride is predicted to opt for a ‘Zen Do’ with spa treatments, elegant meals, chilled out days and afternoon tea becoming the norm. Wedding planning is stressful, so brides are seeking relaxing experiences shared with loved ones in the run up to the big day.”

  1. Natural colours

From blush pink to ivy green, 2020 will be all about natural colours. Sarah says; “Floral arrangements, bridesmaids, table accents and cakes will all feature a natural palate. Pink ribbons will find their way into hair pieces and chair coverings and greens will be in bouquets and bridesmaid dresses. Choose these soft and subtle colours to give your wedding an on-trend edge.”

  1. Regal dresses and opulent crowns

“2020 will see a rise in ‘princess’ dresses, this is following on from the last royal wedding,” says Sarah. “There are plenty of designers to choose from to get the regal look but, as not everyone has a royal budget, one way to add a splash of class to your day is to choose an opulent, tiara style head piece to complete your princess look.”

  1. Garden party vibes

Nick says; “Outdoor weddings can be tricky in Scotland. The Botanics is often a couple’s preferred location for a garden party style celebration because we have the stunning Redwood Grove for the ceremony and, if the weather turns, we have the beautiful Caledonian Hall ready as a back-up. Following the top trend of personalisation, there is also lots of other outdoor area options available for drinks receptions and even dining.”

  1. Informal dining

“Get ready for food stations, grazable snacks and buffet tables as the traditional ‘chicken or fish’ three-course wedding breakfast starts to disappear. More and more couples are looking for street food for the main meal or for the evening reception.” says Sarah. “This trend is driven by the experience economy, where millennials are seeking new and creative ways to explore the ‘art of dining’. Food has become a big part of the wedding experience so ensure the venue and caterer you select can supply this.”

  1. Epic wedding videos

For most couples, the day itself flies past in an instant. Nick says; “As well as capturing plenty of stills, a really skilled wedding videographer can put together an epic montage of your day. Capturing precious moments, candid emotions and priceless memories on camera which you can watch and share with your guests.”

  1. Video mapping

Sarah says; “This unique concept allows couples to project anything into their chosen venue. It can change a space into a woodland forest, or an underwater paradise. It can project flowers on every surface or fill the room with stars meaning the wedding could be anywhere in the world, no matter where you physically are.”

  1. Gin

“Gin continues to be the drink of choice, with G&T stations being spotted at many weddings throughout the year,” says Nick. “We even have our own gin. Working with local distiller, Edinburgh Gin, we have created a gin which features botanicals from the gardens. It can be served straight up with tonic, or as part of the personalised wedding gin menu that we have on offer. Our couples really enjoy having a bespoke cocktail named after them for their guests to enjoy in the evening.”