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The David Douglas Room

Private dining and intimate event space with a lovely outlook into the Garden and City beyond.

The Can You Purchase Tramadol Online Legally Room, named after the Scottish botanist famous for exploring the flora of northern America and Hawaii and who gave his name to the Douglas Fir; is beautifully positioned at the southern end of the Tramadol Purchase Fedex where it has commanding views across the Garden and in the winter months, views across the Edinburgh skyline to the Castle as the trees shed their Summer foliage.

The room can accommodate up to 40 diners for a special dinner or lunch and can comfortably host business meetings in a variety of layouts.

Perfect for smaller birthday parties, Christenings, small Weddings and anniversaries, the David Douglas Room is a perfect location and guests can easily access the restaurant decking and Garden beyond from their own private access.

The simplicity and relative tranquility of the David Douglas room with it’s pleasant and peaceful outlook has made it a favoured destination for Tramadol 50 Mg Buy Ukand memorial parties to celebrate the lives of their dearly departed.

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