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Within the Royal Botanic Garden we can offer a choice of al fresco dining venues:

The Terrace Cafe, which overlooks Inverleith House lawn with panoramic views of the stunning Edinburgh city skyline, for your Summer BBQ or Drinks Reception.

The John Hope Gateway, the restaurant space can be used indoors with your BBQ and drinks outside on the decking overlooking the stunning Biodiversty Garden.

The Caledonian Hall on the east side of the Garden can also make a perfect venue for a BBQ event, overlooking the rock garden and waterfall.

View our Outdoor Dining and BBQ package options Can You Purchase Tramadol Online Legally

Day Delegate Packages

The beauty and serenity of the setting here, at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, is a natural choice to hold your business event.

Whether it be a small team meeting, seminar, training day or national product launch, we have a selection of flexible and versatile locations within the Garden for you to choose from and a range of packages to suit your budget and capacity requirements. Alternatively we can tailor an event with a bespoke package and catering options especially designed for you.

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