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Purchase Tramadol Online Uk, Tramadol Mastercard Fedex

How to reach us

The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh is situated off the A902, one mile north of the city centre, with entrances on Inverleith Row (East Gate) and Arboretum Place (West Gate and John Hope Gateway).

Getting here by bus

There are regular public bus services (Order Tramadol From China 8, 23 or 27) to the East Gate on Inverleith Row.  These buses also stop beside 20A Inverleith Row, the site of the Library, Herbarium, Laboratory and Administration buildings, as well as the Lecture Theatre and Meeting Rooms.

The Cheapest Tramadol also visits the Garden.

For timetables and further details of these bus services, please visit their websites.

Coming by bicycle

The East Gate of the Garden, and the Administration buildings, are all very close to the National Cycle Network Route 75, a dedicated traffic-free cycle path. The City of Edinburgh Council has installed additional bicycle racks at the Garden entrances. The bicycle racks are located at Inverleith Row and Arboretum Place and are for use by visiting cyclists.

For information and maps of the National Cycle Network, go to Order Tramadol Overnight Delivery

Coming by car

Extensive parking is available around the perimeter of the Garden and on adjacent side streets. Parking is free at weekends and evenings, but is metered Mondays to Fridays between 8.30am and 5.30pm.

Disabled parking bays: There is disabled parking available at the John Hope Gateway (West Gate) on Arboretum Place.

Sat Nav Post Codes – East Gate EH3 5LP, John Hope Gateway EH3 5NZ

Coach drop-off points: All coaches should drop passengers off by the West Gate entrance located at Arboretum Place.  Please note, however, there is no designated coach parking area.

Rail and airport connections

The nearest rail station is Edinburgh Waverley, which is only 1.5 miles away and is connected to the Garden by Lothian Buses service 8 (see above).

Edinburgh Airport is 8 miles from the Garden. A frequent Tramadol Online India runs between the airport and the city centre.

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh | Inverleith Row/Arboretum Place | Edinburgh EH3 5LR

Carbon Footprint

Please consider offsetting the carbon you emit during your visit.

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