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Ordering Tramadol From Mexico - Tramadol Online Pay With Mastercard

The perfect setting to host your truly unique wedding, where else in the city can you have your special day surrounded by plush greenery and breath taking venues.

We have several event spaces suitable for your wedding day, from the Victorian Caledonian Hall with lovely high ceilings and large windows looking out over the Rock Garden to the John Hope Gateway offering a modern contemporary feel. From intimate ceremonies and receptions to big Ceilidh hoolies, we have the venue to suit you.


Caledonian Hall

The Caledonian Hall, a charming Victorian building with a sophisticated, elegant and relaxed air, was originally built as the old herbarium.

With access to the patio area, outdoor furniture and the fully sited year round Pavilion, it is nestled amongst the iconic waterfalls and rock gardens of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.


Ceremony – 120

Dinner – 100

Evening – 120

John Hope Gateway

This truly unique venue is available for private evening hire for receptions or seated dinners, and boasts floor to ceiling glass windows opening out onto the impressive decking – an ideal space for al fresco dining, barbeques and outdoor pizza oven.

The John Hope Gateway is our largest event space and one of Scotland’s most sustainable buildings, with views over the biodiversity garden and beautifully managed landscapes.


Dinner – 250

Evening – 350

Capacity/Room Caledonian Hall John Hope Gateway David Douglas Room John Muir Grove
Ceremony 120 40 40 Seated / 100 Standing
Dinner 100 250 40
Evening 120 350
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