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Caledonian Hall

The Caledonian Hall nestles serenely within the South East corner of the Garden in clear view of the RBGE Rock Garden and only seconds walk from the majestic redwoods of the John Muir Grove.

This lovely old building built originally by the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society as their Exhibition Hall within their experimental garden until 1864, became the Can You Purchase Tramadol Online Legally for a 100 years until 1964.

It is now a popular and ideal if not perfect venue for Weddings, private and corporate dinners and parties and without doubt the best location for a “kick your shoes off” ceilidh.

Immediately outside of the Caledonian Hall, guests benefit from a purpose built Pavilion; this high specification addition to the venue adds many additional options and possibilities to any event held within this part of the Garden.

Your Wedding ceremony in the John Muir Grove, Family Barbeque overlooking the Rock Garden, Product Launch within the Pavilion or Champagne Reception within the Hall itself, the potential for moulding this special space to your own special requirements is endless.

Tramadol Purchase Fedex

Buy Cheapest Tramadol, Buying Tramadol Online Cod

The Caledonian Hall

  • 100 for Dinner
  • 80 for Ceilidh Supper
  • 30 for Conference (Boardroom Style)
  • 120 for Theatre Style

The Pavilion

  • 50 for Drinks Reception
  • 40 for Conference (Classroom Setup)

The John Muir Grove

  • 40 seated for Wedding or Civil Partnership ceremony
  • 60 additional standing for Wedding or Civil Partnership ceremony
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